The Marbella Old Town

The “old town” is literally the historic center, the pedestrian area of ​​every Spanish country, also called the old city because it is here that you will see the urban core as it was formed in the beginning.

Marbella in particular has one very well preserved, destination for thousands of tourists.

Here, around the Plaza de los Naranjos there are beautiful buildings and glimpses to understand how people lived here in past centuries. Indeed, the historic center is still that of a typical Andalusian city near the sea – with tree-lined squares, churches and white houses, Muslim-inspired decorations and cobblestone streets. The heart of the center is the Plaza de los Naranjos where the town hall, the 15th century Renaissance fountain and the Casa del Corregidor are located, as well as the baroque church of Santa Maria. It was built in 1618 and its interior underwent a makeover after the civil war. It houses a large organ that is considered one of the most beautiful in Spain.

Not far away, in the square of Iglesia, there is the church of Santa Maria de la Encarnacion: the church is beautiful but the square is splendid with the shade perfumed by fruit trees. And it’s nice to rest here. So you have to head straight for Las Murallas del Castillo, which houses the remains of the Arab castle and the walls of the old city. Built in the 10th century during the Caliph period, this castle was once surrounded by towers that served as lookouts.


We have designed a unique experience for you, a guided tour to immerse yourself in the Andalusian spirit, discovering the origins of the city, from how it was born to how you live today.


You will be shown the starting point, from which you will leave for a walk with your guide, who will explain all the secrets of the city, its “old helmet” and surroundings. A stop at a tapas bar is included, where you can taste the famous Spanish specialties and local beer on a sunny terrace. The duration of the whole experience is about 2 hours.


Contact us to check availability, which must be agreed according to your needs and free places in the group. We recommend 12-14 or 17-19 hours.

Price per person € 45,00