The “Caminito del Rey” (small walkpath)

At the beginning of the 20th century, when Málaga was being industrialized, it was planned to take advantage of the natural unevennes between the entrance and the exit of the gorge to produce electricity. A precarious path stuck to the rock assisted in the maintenance works of the water canal, an important part of the engineering work. Because of the small balconies that there still exist in the upper part, the way it was called Balconcillos de los Gaitanes.

In 1953, the name of the path was changed for the Caminito del Rey, in memory of the visit of the King Alfonso XIII to the Pantano del Chorro in 1921.

Because of serious damage, in the year 2000 the entry to Caminito del Rey was forbidden due to safety reasons. In 2015, the already restored Caminito del Rey, is once again open to visitors.

El Caminito del Rey it is a way that will enable you to pierce the heart of the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes over walkways attached to the rocks at one hundred metres of heitht, discovering hidden landscapes and vertiginous sensations, until now only within the reach of experienced climbers.

An exceptional natural environment has been mute witness of the history of industrialization of Malaga in the XIX and XX centuries, where you can learn, apart from interessants things about fauna, flora, geology of the place, fun facts about the pioneers of the railway and the electricity production.

The entrance is the North Access throught a 1’5 km way, that has got the start near the Parking Zona 4, in a narrow and long tunnel dug in the mountain. This tunnel connect with a forest trail that arrives to the checkpoint of the entrance.

The route is 7 Km / 4 miles long and it is very important to read and follow the compulsory regulations and recommendations, as well as do not entry with children younger than 8 years old, do not use an inappropriate footwear, bring water, sun protection and do not walk outside the marked way.

Here you will find the official webpage, where you can reserve your entrance, whit guide or without, and also possibility to reserve bus from Malaga.